Melissa McCarthy Tested Every Piece of Her New Clothing Line

Posted by PZ on June 12th, 2015

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Melissa McCarthy has designed her first plus-sized clothing collection for ‘Seven7’ which will launch in August this year. Dedicated to making sure the pieces are high quality and don’t flash any extra flesh, Melissa has revealed that she wore each item herself to test them. She explained:

”I’ve worn every single piece. There are little jeans that are super stretchy and they come all the way up, because I just do not need to see anyone’s muffin top, and I do not need to see anyone bend over and be able to tell what colour underwear they’re wearing anymore.”

Melissa admits she was mostly designing for herself because she wanted the chance to design everything for her own wardrobe and had her own personal style in mind:

”I started this line because I wanted to know: Where are the normal clothes?. This really is a selfish venture. I wanted to build a better closet for myself.”

The actress says she love sleeves and despite being told that they aren’t usually popular on plus-sized clothing, she insisted that most pieces come with sleeves. She reveals that it was a struggle to convince others who were involved to go along with her plans:

”Yes, there are lots of sleeves here! Hallelujah! Do you know how many fights I’ve had about sleeves? I was actually told once, ‘Plus-size women do not want sleeves, in any capacity.’ I was like, ‘Are you crazy? That’s not accurate! I am plus-size, and I want them, I have friends who are size 26 and size 8 and they want a sleeve! Very few things [in Seven7] don’t have sleeves. My stuff has sleeves, my stuff has pockets, you can count on that.”


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