Lily Collins Reveals Her Simple Daily Makeup & Beauty Routine

Posted by PZ on October 11th, 2017

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Rising actress Lily Collins is already known as a beauty icon thanks to her signature full eyebrows and she’s also the face of Lancome. She has opened up on her must-have makeup, explaining that she likes to always have several shades of lipstick with her at all times. She also says that she thinks beauty does come from within:

“I love having everything with me, just in case, but with press tours, I’ve learned to be efficient. I’m sure I’ll be a great mom, because I always have everything to hand. I bring tea bags and lots of lipsticks… I like being able to take my time when I pack. [I’d define beauty as] happiness and self-confidence.”

Opening up on her usual makeup and beauty routine, Lily admits she keeps it quite simple and just uses a few key products, while also making sure to look after her dry skin and moisturise well. She also covers up blotches and has a few other essentials that she uses daily to maintain her look:

“After a workout at the gym and a shower, I wash my face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser and apply Lancôme Hydra Zen moisturiser – my skin is rather dry. I keep make-up very simple – concealer on red areas, a light translucent compact powder, Lancôme Hypnôse mascara, a little blush, a touch of highlighter under my brows and some eyebrow gel.”

Her favourite Lancome lip shade is a lipgloss that “isn’t goopy” and she loves the consistency:

“Shade 337 is my favourite as it goes with everything. I wasn’t much of a lipgloss fan before, but this is more like a lipstick – it isn’t gloopy.”


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