Lily Allen on Her Earliest Beauty Memory & Rescuing Her Damaged Hair

Posted by PZ on October 12th, 2017


British singer Lily Allen has recalled her earliest beauty memory. Lily remembers being about 10 years old and talking to her older sister about their favourite beauty products while on a flight together. The singer reveals that she was always inspired by her older sister and at the time wanted to copy her:

“It was a flight to Miami with my sister, talking about our [favourite make-up] being YSL Touche Éclat and a twin lip pencil from MAC which they don’t do anymore. I was about nine or ten, so my sister was 15. I just wanted to be like her!”

Lily regularly changes her hair colour and admits it can often be a “rescue mission” to fix the damage caused by frequently dying her locks as she has been changing the colour since her teens. She adds that altering her hair has always been fun for her but her husband Sam Cooper prefers her to look more natural when possible:

“It’s normally a rescue mission! Years and years ago I had pink hair and it started falling out! But since I was a teenager I’ve played with colours; it’s not how I’m feeling but just for fun. Sam hates the hair colour and prefers me more natural. He doesn’t really notice but if I changed it back to brown he’d notice me.”

Speaking on if her beauty routine has changed much since welcoming two daughters, Lily says she still gets time to do everything she needs:

“I have the whole evening, so it doesn’t really change at all!”


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