Lily Allen Feels “Naked” Without a Chanel Bag

Posted by PZ on October 7th, 2017


British singing sensation Lily Allen has revealed that she often rewards herself by hitting the nearest Chanel boutique to treat herself to a new bag when she feels she has achieved something worth celebrating. Lily, who has previously fronted a campaign for the company and is a regular at the Chanel catwalk shows, says that the first designer item she treated herself to when she got her first big paycheck was a Chanel classic bag. She commented that it started a trend for her:

”As soon as I got my first paycheck, I went out and bought the classic 2.55. That really got the ball rolling, and I started a long-standing trend of rewarding myself with a celebratory trip to Chanel.”

Lily, who also wore a Chanel couture wedding gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld, is always amazed by how having a Chanel bag makes her feel and thinks it’s a status symbol to carry any of their luxurious handbags. She even admits she  feels “naked” when she doesn’t have one with her:

”I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a Chanel girl; their bags are such status symbols, truly aspirational pieces that are recognized all over the world. Once you incorporate one into your wardrobe, you feel naked without it.”

The singer now has a big collection of Chanel bags but doesn’t know an exact number, and prefers to keep it that way because she knows she has spent a lot of money on the designer pieces:

“I have around 30 Chanel bags – it scares me to know the actual number.”


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