Leona Lewis Believes TV Singers Are “More Talented”

Posted by PZ on January 6th, 2012

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Leona Lewis, who previously won The X Factor UK, says that those who take part in reality TV shows are more talented than normal artists, because they are forced to show off their voice on live TV, and push themselves hard to do the best they can do, while recording artists are able to use autotune and don’t even have to perform live if they don’t want to. Leona commented:

“Because my first single, ‘Bleeding Love’, did so well – it went number one in, like, 30 different countries – I’ve proved myself not to be a sell-out. And people see me on the show, where people are singing live; there’s no miming like you see so many artists now doing on TV shows. You’re out there in front of so many people and there’s so much pressure. So in all honesty, a lot of reality-show musicians are more talented than the artists who are actually out right now. There’s no Auto-Tune, no nothing. It’s all raw, genuine, so a lot of the people are actually very, very talented.”

Leona Lewis is thankful that Simon Cowell, who was her mentor on the show, likes her. She says she gets on with him very well, and she is even signed to his record label. She spoke on their relationship, saying that they’ve always been friends:

“I feel lucky that he actually likes me. We’ve worked quite closely together since the show; I’m signed to his record company. He’s cool offstage. We’ve always got along; he’s always been a real supporter of me and my music. Everything happens so fast: One minute no one knows you, the next minute 13 million people in the UK are seeing you on TV. It’s crazy.”

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