Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Rules & Perfect Selfie-Taking Tips

Posted by PZ on October 9th, 2017

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‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star Kylie Jenner has dished out some of her beauty rules that she swears by on a daily basis. Kylie is a Californian girl and because the sun is so strong, she has learnt the importance of applying daily sunscreen to stop pre-mature aging (even if she is just 17). She also believes it’s important to wash her face before falling asleep at night to keep her skin looking good. She commented on her simple beauty rules:

“Always apply sunscreen to your face and hands every day. Also, no matter what, washing my face every night before bed.”

Kylie has a huge Instagram following and is constantly snapping photos of herself and her adventures. Opening up on her best tips for taking the perfect selfie, Kylie reveals that lighting is the most important element to consider, so she advises to find the right place to snap an image and to also take lots of photos because it gives you a higher success rate. She explained her best tips:

“It’s all about good lighting, usually by a window with diffused light, and finding your best angles. You can always erase, so just take a bunch.”

The reality star loves to experiment with her beauty look and is constantly trying out new makeup and hairstyles. Speaking on her current makeup love, Kylie says is a  “lip girl” and loves trying on new shades, especially “pinks and brown” right now:

“[I’m] definitely a lip girl. I love all different shades of pinks and brown.”


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