Kelly Rowland’s Mole Beauty Secret & New Bob Haircut

Posted by PZ on July 31st, 2017


Singer Kelly Rowland has revealed that she usually adds a mole to her face. She loves to channel Marilyn Monroe by adding a a dab of mascara glue to her face which looks exactly like a mole. She explains that she often moves around the position of her fake mole and loves how it looks:

“I like moles. I think they’re the cutest thing. It’s all Marilyn Monroe’s fault. I remember one day seeing the black Duo glue that I put my lashes on with [and trying it on my face]. I let it dry and it was raised and everything. It was the cutest stinking mole, and I was sold. I never walk out of the house without a mole. It can be anywhere on my face — it’s the forever moving mole.”

Speaking on experimenting with her hair colour, Kelly says that changing from her natural shade was a huge mistake for her. She tried out a semi-permanent colour and accidentally left it on for two long which ruined her locks:

“I wanted to experiment and color my own hair. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I thought it was semi-permanent color. It was permanent color. I was packing up to leave for a red-eye flight, and I thought that I’d have enough time to rinse it out cause I’ve kept semi-permanent color on long before. I ended up keeping it in for almost two hours and the permanent color ate all of my hair.”

After the hair accident, Kelly decided to get rid of the damaged hair, so she opted to cut a new short bob hairdo instead. She used Beyonce’s hairstylist to create the new look:

“My hair had grown down to, like, right where my shoulder hits, it was nice and healthy and thick. I went and reached for the back of my hair and it was all in my hand! So I went to my stylist the next day and said, ‘So, my hair’s broken off, I need you to fix it.’ He was like, ‘How did this happen?’ and then cut all my hair off and it just turned out really cute. I actually used Beyonce’s hairstylist, Neal [Farinah]. Neal cut my hair and I love it.”

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