How to Get Perfect Red Lips

Posted by PZ on July 7th, 2017

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red lipstick

Red lips are a timeless and classic beauty look, seen regularly on the catwalk, in magazines and at celebrity events, red lips aren’t just a beauty fad – they’re here to stay. Here is a look at how to get flawless red lips that last for as long as you need and have clean edges. Red lipstick needs to be applied precisely in order to look good, so invest in a shade that you love (a matte finish is more classic and a glossy finish is more modern) and also get your hands on a lip brush that you can use to paint the product on. Freshly exfoliate your lips to begin with. Then, using your lip brush pick up some of the lipstick and paint a solid, clean looking outline. If you make mistakes, have a wet wipe on hand to help you get the outline as clean looking as possible.

Once you’re happy with the outline, now fill in the rest of your lips, applying with the brush to keep within your lines. If you’re going to be wearing the look for quite some time, blot your lips on some toilet paper and fill in with more product. Blotting just stains your lips and keeps the product more firmly in place. Finish with a sweep of mascara, a subtle cateye and simple foundation – keep the focal point on your lips and the rest of your beauty look should be quite simple unless you’re going for a dramatic evening look.

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