Denise Richards Reveals Her Skin Secrets & Fitness Routine

Posted by PZ on December 28th, 2017

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Actress Denise Richards has revealed her skin secrets, explaining how she keeps her visage glowing even through the winter months. The busy mother explains that she does struggle with dry skin, but feels the key to looking good is hydrating as often as she can and she also looks for collagen-boosting products that make her skin look more youthful:

“My skin tends to get dry, especially when the seasons change, so I hydrate as much as possible. I like to use products from OROGOLD’s Collagen Collection, especially the Collagen Renewal Cream, as they are very replenishing. The collagen and other vitamins and minerals help hydrate, retain moisture and decrease the signs of aging.”

Denise loves to stay in shape and usually  works out by regularly doing Pilates. She also believes that looking after her young daughter Eloise is quite a workout because she’s often carrying around heavy car seats and other baby accessories. She explained:

“I stick by the same fitness routine throughout the year, Pilates. Another big thing that makes a difference in my body, and I’m not exaggerating on this, was carrying my daughter (Eloise) around for 2 years. Carrying her stroller, car seat, wagon. It worked out really well for me.”

She likes to stay as healthy as possible and watches her diet, she loves oils especially and boosts her skin from the inside by eating lots of fruit and vegetables:

“I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and also a lot of oils – specifically olive oil. I also make a lot of homemade soups for a healthy meal, I love homemade soup.”


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