Ciara Reveals Her Must-Have for a Natural No-Makeup Look

Posted by PZ on November 19th, 2015

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Singer Ciara has shared her must-have makeup products when it comes to creating a very natural no-makeup barefaced look. She explains that she often just uses concealer under her eyes which she believes changes her entire face and gives her a quick lift. She does this when she doesn’t want to apply a full face of makeup:

“I like using concealer. If you want a natural no-makeup kind of day, a little bit of concealer underneath your eyes will lift your face completely.”

Explaining her other minimal makeup tricks, Ciara says she often uses a light concealer on her t-zone and brightens up her complexion with a touch of bronzer and a natural lip gloss. She’s left with a simple and clear-looking visage:

“Or if you feel tired or a little baggy, a little bit of a lighter concealer will pop out the highlights that are naturally on your face, especially on your T-zone. I also love a good bronzer. My very-little-makeup days consist of a little bit of concealer under the eyes and on the T-zone, a little bit of bronzer to frame the face, and then a nice lip pencil or a simple lip gloss.”

Ciara also believes confidence is key and explains that having a child has given her more confidence in herself:

”I also know that the only way you can really survive in this world is by being confident. It’s a true reality for me, especially having a child. I have to be confident not only for myself, but for him, too. Confidence is key to survival.”


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