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Coco Rocha Excited for Maternity Fashion, Dressing Her Bump

Posted by PZ on November 13th, 2014

Top model Coco Rocha recently announced her first pregnancy and now she’s getting excited about maternity fashion choices. The model gushes that she can’t wait to start buying pieces that suit her growing bump and has always been so impressed with stars such as Heidi Klum, who looked fantastic during her pregnancy even when she […]

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Coco Rocha Offers Kendall Jenner Fashion Week Tips

Posted by PZ on October 31st, 2014

Coco Rocha is a pro when it comes to the catwalk, so it makes sense that she has offered newcomer model Kendall Jenner some advice to help her get through next Fashion Week. During the recent Fashion Week shows, Kendall was reportedly bullied backstage by other models, and Coco advises Kendall to take a step […]

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Model Coco Rocha Not Slowing Down Despite Pregnancy

Posted by PZ on October 27th, 2014

Top model Coco Rocha recently revealed that she’s expecting her first child with husband James Conran, but the model says she has no plans to slow down her busy work schedule just yet. Coco says at the moment she isn’t feeling much different, and the only change is that she needs to sleep more regularly. […]

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