Brooke Shields Encouraged by Daughter to Wear More Makeup

Posted by PZ on October 27th, 2017


Legendary beauty Brooke Shields, who recently unveiled a special makeup collaboration collection for MAC, has revealed that she didn’t enjoy the process of having her makeup done when she was younger because it was just a part of her job and she would always remove it once her work was done. Lately however, her daughter has been asking her to wear more makeup when she takes her to school, and she has been finding a new passion for applying products and paying more attention to the process. She explained:

”When I was younger, it was such a job for me, so I would just wash it off the minute I was done with the job. Now my daughter insists that I put makeup on when I take her to school. ‘Mom, please, at least put a little mascara on. And some lip gloss. And some blush.’ It’s like, ‘Anything else?’ So I definitely try to pay more attention.”

Brooke does has one special tip, revealing that whenever she uses eye brightening drops, she finds that if she quickly breathes in it doesn’t make her eyes run and her makeup stays in tact. She commented on the unique tip:

”When you put eye drops in, quickly breathe in through your nose because it sucks it back in and it won’t ruin your make-up. You sound like a drug addict, but it pops right back in and your eye make-up doesn’t smear.”

Speaking on her famous eyebrows, Brooke says she is flattered for the attention she receives and is glad her mother always told her to leave them natural:

“I’m flattered, but it’s been so many years of that and when you get that label as a young kid, it’s hard to not think it’s ridiculous! My mom would always say to me, ‘Don’t touch them.’ “


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