Ashley Roberts Explains How She Detoxes Before a Holiday

Posted by PZ on September 12th, 2017

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Former ‘Pussycat Dolls’ singer Ashley Roberts has spoken on how she likes to cleanse her body before she goes on a holiday. Ashley comments that two weeks ahead of her planned vacation, she puts herself on a very strict diet and begins working out to prepare. She doesn’t eat any junk food and makes sure to eat “clean” during the preparation period. She adds that she usually doesn’t eat much meat and tries to get protein from other sources instead:

“At least two weeks before a holiday I make sure I’m really strict on my diet. Working out four times a week pre-holiday is a must but diet is almost 80 per cent of it. I’ll eat really clean and I’ll avoid refined sugar and dairy and I don’t eat a huge amount of meat any more – that’s my choice. I get a lot of my protein from spirulina. You can pour a little bit in some orange juice.”

Ashley does allow herself a few treats every now and then, and usually drinks a low sugar drink when she’s on a night out:

“I do have alcohol but I avoid sugary drinks – I’ll have vodka, soda and fresh lime as it’s zero sugar and you can still have a good time.”

Opening up on her usual makeup routine, Ashley comments that she doesn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis but does like a good mascara:

“Day to day I don’t wear much, but I’ll use a bit of my favourite mascara, which is Too Faced Better Than Sex – I live by that!”


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