8 Celebrities Rocking Effortless Wavy Hair: Kate Bosworth & More!

Posted by PZ on January 7th, 2013

Beach wave hair is an effortless, relaxed hairstyle that looks natural and carefree: these 8 celebrities have all nailed the look with simple scrunched waves that are not styled too heavily, creating a nonchalant easy wave that looks like they’ve come straight from the beach. Looking towel dried and slightly disheveled, the look is intensified with a slight ombre dye finish as Rachel Bilson demonstrates – her dark to light hair gives it a sun-kissed look that emphasizes her cool surf chick hairstyle. Style queen Kate Bosworth regularly opts for simple beachy waves when she’s off-duty, a beauty look which perfectly polishes off her flawless bohemian/Californian inspired style.

Some have even adapted the beach wave for an event, styling it up with a pretty printed dress to give the hairstyle a dressed-up makeover that is still unfussy. The go-to hair default for those who want to look fashionable without the fuss, these 8 celebrities demonstrate how keeping it simple can be the key to being chic without overdoing it.

1. Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

2. Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson

3. Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth

4. Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

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