7 Stars Speak on Losing Their Virginity

Posted by PZ on September 28th, 2011

Some stars chose to wait until they were married, while others could barely make it past their tenth birthday! Here are 7 big names and their tales of virginity loss – some found it awkward, some enjoyed themselves, and others just plain out avoided it until they were into their twenties!

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Matthew Fox 

Lost actor Matthew Fox says he was just 12-years-old when he did the deed for the first time. He says that the girl he was with “was about two years older than me. It was absolutely terrible and awkward — just two f**king kids lying down and pulling our pants down.”

Megan Fox 

Megan Fox says that unlike many other peoples experience, her first time wasn’t awkward because she was in love with the guy she was with: “I’ve had plenty of awkward sex, but that first time was not awkward. I was in love with him and it was nice.”

Tina Fey

Tina Fey  stayed a virgin until she was 24. Speaking on how she managed to avoid having sex for so long, she claims that it’s because she used to hang out with gay guys:  “I remember bringing people over in high school to play that game, Celebrity. That’s how I successfully remained a virgin well into my 20s, bringing gay boys over to play Celebrity.”

Jessica Simpson 

Jessica Simpson decided to stay a virgin until she got married. Although they are no longer together, Jessica first married Nick Lachey back in 2002: “I promised God, my father and my future husband that I would remain a virgin until I got married. I just always knew it was something I wanted to do.”

P Diddy 

P Diddy tried to to pop his cherry at the tender age of 7. Although he didn’t quite manage it, he does claim that he did have sex aged 10. Diddy spoke on his first failed attempt: “I tried to lose my virginity when I was seven years old. I was on top of a girl who was nine or 10, but it didn’t happen — so everybody doesn’t have to bug out. My mother and the babysitter whipped my ass, but it didn’t knock me off my mission.”


Singer Fergie says that she managed to hold on to her virginity until she was 18, although she admits it was tough to hang on to it for that long: “I’ve always been a very sexual person. I’ve always had to hold myself back – I lost my virginity at 18. But that took a lot of willpower.”

Shia LaBeouf 

Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf was also 18 when he first had sex. In an interview, he has spoken candidly on how awkward his first time was: “For some reason, I was trying to portray myself as a man who had [had sex] many times in the past. I didn’t tell the girl I was a virgin. I was all, ‘Don’t worry, babe. I’m gonna handle it tonight.’ And meanwhile I was shaking in my boots. Getting naked was very strange. It was the first time I’d been naked in the light, in front of a girl, with no hiding place. I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a porn movie…[It] put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed…and clearly this wasn’t the move.”

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