6 Snaps of Kim Kardashian’s Early Pregnancy Baby Bump

Posted by PZ on March 7th, 2013

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Kim Kardashian is over half way through her pregnancy, so here is a look back at how that little bump has progressed over the first few months. Kim herself has admitted that some days it “pops” and other days it is barely noticeable, so she fluctuates between looking pregnant and normal regularly at the moment. Although she will certainly look proper pregnant soon enough, here is a peek at the early stages of the Kimye fetus and what it looks like from the exterior to date. Kim has had her fun dressing it up, trying to conceal it or opting to show it off so far, but soon there will be no where to hide (unless she starts wearing oversized capes every day) – that baby isn’t staying put for much longer. Take a look at how Kim has handled the whole maternity dressing crisis too!




kim kardashian belly bump



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