5 Stars Who Want Gender Equality in Hollywood

Posted by PZ on June 18th, 2017

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Believing there are not enough good opportunities for women in Hollywood, thee 5 celebrities have spoken out on the subject, hoping to raise the issue of gender equality when it comes to landing film roles and working in the film industry. Believing that films are more often than not male-driven and don’t offer good female leads, these stars have spoken out on Hollywood’s sexism and say they wish they could tackle roles that have well written, strong female parts that aren’t simply a love interest or background character. Here is what they’ve each said on the issue.

Audrey Tautou


Audrey won’t play any bland female role and says she isn’t interested in being a simple love interest: ”It’s not easy or common to find very interesting and central female characters; I try to get those parts though because I’m not interested in playing a part where she serves soup to the guy.”

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