5 Stars Who Say They Live a Lonely Life

Posted by PZ on June 8th, 2017

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Admitting that their lives aren’t quite as glamorous or at least as perfect as they seem, these 5 celebrities have all admitted to feeling lonely – often when they’re on tour or on set and are kept away from their family or friends who support them and make them feel more normal. Feeling alienated from those who care, these stars are often kept apart from those who keep them grounded and they’re left on their own in a hotel room or working for days, often longer, at a time. Some believe there are few people they can trust because of their fame and thus only have a couple of people who they call friends. They don’t get a chance to connect to their close buddies often enough and say their famous lives can be very lonely at times.

Ellie Goulding


Ellie says loneliness is something that often happens on the road: ”If someone asked me what emotion I felt the most it would be loneliness. My boyfriend travels around the world constantly. We see each other maybe once a month. So there’s that, but there’s also the loneliness of feeling you’re the only person who can do things the way you want to do them. I can be in a room with a bunch of friends and still feel pretty alone. I think I’ve always been like that, though.”

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