5 Stars Who Need Normality in Their Lives

Posted by PZ on July 28th, 2015

Needing to be able to take a step out of the spotlight and live like a normal person without the pressures of fame, these 5 stars have spoken on desiring that sense of normality in their lives, explaining that behaving like an average person keeps them grounded and happy. Changing the way their live or just taking a break from work, these stars have decided to take some time to do simple, normal things.

Drew Barrymore


Drew has enjoyed working on her beauty line because it has given her daily life a normal routine: ”I love the beauty industry because even on a workday I can wake up with my kids, go to work, come home, bedtime – there’s a normal life there. And it’s exciting when you have to go on a business trip, as opposed to a film where you’re gone for months. I can’t do that right now. As you add more onto your plate, particularly family, things have to fall off, or you won’t be a good parent.”

Jude Law

Jude has made a relatively normal life for himself and his family outside of his work: “I’ve created a haven that works for me and my family. I still enjoy a very normal life with my kids. We use trains and busses and that’s often the best way. If you build up some sort of psychological bubble around you, I think you’re asking for trouble.”

Katy Perry

Katy craves normality and particularly in her relationships: ”I want to have a normal life with a normal relationship and I don’t want to be forced to just hang out in a hotel room all the time.”


Lorde often returns home to her native New Zealand and lives like a local: ”It is easier to have a normal life back home. I think everyone knows that they’re going to see me around, that I’m going to be buying gum from a gas station or whatever. The shine rubs off when you’re like: ‘Oh yeah, my friend met her in the supermarket the other day.’ I think people are much more chill about it. Yeah, people are good there, respectful. I love living in New Zealand.”

Sam Smith

Sam has decided to take a break to relax because his career was beginning to prevent him even seeing his parents: “Some things are taken away from you, so it was beautiful for me to be able to kind of regain my normality a little bit. Just be with my mum and my dad and my sisters, and remember how to laugh and chat about them and not have to talk about me all the time. It got to the point where my mum and dad were being put on guest-lists to see me after shows; they didn’t get to spend any time with their son, and that’s not normal.”

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