5 Stars Who Love to Pair a Bold Lip With Minimal Makeup

Posted by tuan on June 27th, 2017

A strong colourful lip is very attention grabbing, and these 5 stars think it works best with minimal makeup or can be used to make them look more done up, when really all they’ve done is painted on their lips. Some use it to divert attention from their otherwise natural face when they’re in a rush and don’t have time to do a full makeup application. Others believe a powerful lip shade is all they need when they aren’t working and want to wear no other makeup during the day.


Fearne Cotton

5 Stars Who Love to Pair a Bold Lip With Minimal Makeup_1

Fearne uses lipstick as her quick fix, throwing on just sunglasses too if she has little time to get ready: “If I’m in a rush and I won’t do a full face I will go ‘right I’m just going to do a red lip’ and then in the car put on red lipstick and sunglasses so I know that there’s still a look of like I’ve tried but the time is of the essence or I’ll just do mascara and something nude on the lip. So I’ll always go for one feature rather than do all of them in a bit of a shoddy way.”

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