5 Stars Who Find it Difficult to Watch Themselves on Screen

Posted by PZ on September 9th, 2015

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As an actor or actress, it must be a strange experience to see the final take of your performance – to actually sit down and watch yourself on screen. These 5 stars have all admitted that they find the process of actually watching themselves to be difficult and they do their best to avoid it. Some are very hard on themselves when they do watch and can’t help put pick out their errors, while others just find the experience stressful.

Cate Blanchett


Cate says it’s so difficult to see herself but she tries to watch her performances to improve: ”The first time you watch yourself in any role, it’s excruciating. The more you do it, the more you can treat it objectively and make comments like, ‘oh that was a bad choice’. But it’s never easy.”

Colin Farrell

Colin usually doesn’t like to see himself: “I don’t like to go to my movies because I hate to see myself on screen, but there is so much more going on in this film that when I saw a rough cut I forgot it was me.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny avoids watching his films back if he can: “No, (I haven’t seen it). Not just yet. You know, in a way, once my job is done on the film it’s really none of my business! I stay as far away as I possibly can. If I can, I try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible! I just don’t like watching myself. I prefer the experience, making the film is great, the process is all fine, but then he’s up there… I’m not remotely interested (in seeing myself on film).”

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten finds the experience stressful: “I really don’t like watching myself. I always get migraine headaches whenever I’m at premieres for a movie that I’m in. It’s so stressful to see myself on screen.”

Zac Efron

Zac can’t help but see every mistake: “As far as watching myself on screen, I tend to, especially the first time around, pick out every single flaw, or things I could have and should have done better. I don’t know why, but I tend to dwell on those things. I’m more of a cringer, at first. And then, when it’s years down the road and it’s out of the way, I can look back and appreciate it somehow.”

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