5 Stars Who Curl Their Lashes as Part of Their Beauty Routine

Posted by tuan on July 17th, 2017

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An eyelash curler is a small, simple tool that might not seem to make a big difference – but these 5 celebrities think it really does. Loving how much fuller and longer their lashes look when curled, these stars say it’s an essential part of their beauty routine and they always have an eyelash curler on hand, even if they’re not intending to layer up the look with mascara and a full beauty look. Curling the lashes still looks natural and these stars are hooked on using theirs – here is what they’ve said about working in the beauty tool into their beauty routine.


  1. Brooke Burke

5 Stars Who Curl Their Lashes as Part of Their Beauty Routine_1

Brooke always carries a curler with her and she thinks it makes a big difference: “I also always have a little moisturizer and an eyelash curler in my bag. Even if I don’t have a lot of makeup on, I always curl my eyelashes to brighten my eyes.”

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