5 Stars Speak on Experimenting With Shorter Hair Lengths

Posted by tuan on August 19th, 2017

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Changing hair length can be a quick way to freshen up your look – and it doesn’t have to be a completely dramatic change, even a slightly shorter look can be enough to revitalise your locks. These 5 stars have all experimented with shorter hair lengths. Some opted for a lob or bob, while others bravely even tried out a pixie cut, and some just snipped off a few inches from their already very long hair for a subtle change.  Here is what these 5 stars have said about trying something fresh and opting for a new shorter hair length.


  1. Caroline Flack

5 Stars Speak on Experimenting With Shorter Hair Lengths_1

Caroline says she regularly adapts her hair length: “I’ve always loved to experiment with my hair and regularly visit the salon to make subtle changes to the length or colour, to keep the style looking fresh.”

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