5 Stars on How Their Makeup & Hair Has Changed With Age

Posted by tuan on June 23rd, 2017

It’s common sense of realize that as we age, the same makeup we once wore in our youth won’t suit us quite as well as it did before, makeup such as harsh black eyeliner and experimental lip & eye shades just don’t look as good. The same goes for hair, as it no longer acts the same as younger hair and can need special attention or treatments. These 5 celebrities have opened up on how their makeup and hair has changed as they’ve become older and noticed that the same things just don’t work as well as they used to.


  1. Christy Turlington

5 Stars on How Their Makeup & Hair Has Changed With Age_1

Christy found that her hair got thinner as she aged, so she started taking supplements to combat the problem: “As I’ve got older, after having kids, my hair has gone through a change. Hairdressers would always say, “Your hair’s got really thin.” Or, “There’s broken bits.”’ Definitely something we can all relate to. ‘Now, for the first time, they’ve been saying, ‘Your hair is so much thicker and shinier.'”

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