5 of Nina Dobrev’s Best Beauty Secrets & Makeup Tricks

Posted by tuan on September 28th, 2017

‘Vampire Diaries’ actress Nina Dobrev is always so flawless, with perfectly polished skin and inspiring beauty looks each time she hits the red carpet, while her fresh-faced off-duty look is just as impressive. Nina has dished out some of her best beauty secrets and makeup tricks that she has picked up over the years. Sharing her original and unique tips for glowing skin, shiny hair and a perfectly highlighted face, Nina’s tips are easy to achieve and simple to try out at home!


  1. Her Tip for Perfect Highlighting

Nina shared her makeup highlighting tip: “Put a little highlighter underneath the brow, on the cheekbones, and, believe it or not, right above the lip. Somebody once told me to put it on the cupid’s bow, and it really frames the face. And to define your cheekbones, literally touch and find where the bone is, and that’s where you apply your bronzer.”

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