5 of Coco Rocha’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets

Posted by tuan on September 13th, 2017

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Most models must surely get bored of makeup – after all, they spend a long time having their makeup done and sitting perfectly still for makeup artists. However, Coco Rocha is not one of these models! Coco says she wears a full face of makeup every day and loves applying products. Sharing some of the tips she has learnt along the way, Coco has revealed how she takes care of her skin, as well as some of her tips for perfect makeup application.


  1. She Checks Makeup Expiry Dates

5 of Coco Rocha’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets

Coco believes gone off makeup is very damaging and she throws away old makeup: “It’s so important for the health of your skin to keep in mind that makeup, like food, has an expiration date, and if you go too far beyond that date, you’re really doing more damage than good. I’ve gotten much, much better about this. Lipsticks, blush, and foundation I will usually throw out at around a year. Creams should go about every six months. Eye makeup and mascaras, you should probably change up every three months.”

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