5 Celebs Who’ve Praised Co-Stars for Their Kissing Skills

Posted by PZ on August 19th, 2017

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There are some unusual perks to acting – such as making out with someone you’ve always dreamed about locking lips with! These 5 celebrities have gushed about kissing their co-stars, complimenting those they’ve worked with for having great kissing skills. Some say they were impressed, while others even developed a crush on the person they were working alongside! Here is what they have to say about smooching on set.


Evan Peters


Evan started dating his ‘Adult World’ co-star Emma Roberts after they met on set and enjoyed a kiss: ”I think we both had crushes on each other but we didn’t know it. As soon as the movie was done we started hanging out and everything was perfect. She’s amazing. She’s so much fun. She has a great laugh, smile, she’s a great kisser. And she’s gorgeous.”

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