5 Celebrities Who’ve Trained for Ballet

Posted by PZ on August 11th, 2017

Natalie Portman

Natalie had to transform in to a ballerina for ‘Black Swan’ and says it took hours of training a day to get her body in shape for the role: “We were doing, like, five hours a day of ballet training and swimming and toning just to get my body right and also start learning how to dance”.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope trained as a ballet dancer in her younger years and says it taught her discipline: “If I hadn”t had the discipline of all those years in the dance world, it would have been much, much tougher. I mean, it goes too far sometimes. I mean, I used to take my toenails – they would die from dancing – so I would just take the whole toenail and throw it away, and not feel anything. “But I loved it.”

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