5 Celebrities Who’ve Trained for Ballet

Posted by PZ on August 11th, 2017

Emily Blunt

Emily played the role of a ballet dancer and says she worked very hard for the part:  “Every day I’m in dance boot camp. It’s a wonderful idea to have the girl be a dancer, but it’s very high maintenance. I’m really loving the challenge. I’m training with this amazing ballet company, and it’s been a real awakening for me when it comes to fitness. Everything hurts all the time.”

Mia Wasikowska
SFF 'Mystery Road' - Premiere

Mia trained for years to be a ballerina and quit before the age of 14: “Ballet had been so much about achieving physical perfection, and what I liked about film was that it was the opposite… I feel like the dance world was so hardcore in terms of image and body, and physicality, and I know that a lot of people find the film world similar, but I’ve found it so much more chilled out that I’m like ‘Meh! Whatever!’ Try experiencing prima ballerina land – it’s crazy.”

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