5 Celebrities Who’ve Shared Their Opinions on the Bill Cosby Scandal

Posted by PZ on July 15th, 2015

The shocking Bill Cosby scandal caught the entertainment industry and the whole world off guard. The legendary actor was so loved that many simply couldn’t believe he was responsible for what he was accused of – even as more women began to come forward – and then, Cosby admitted he did drug women. Here are 5 stars, many of whom knew Cosby personally, who have reacted to all that has happened and shared their opinions.

Chris Rock


Before Cosby’s admission, Chris commented that he hoped it was not true: “I don’t know what to say. What do you say? I hope it’s not true. I grew up on Cosby. I love Cosby, and I just hope it’s not true. It’s a weird year for comedy. We lost Robin [Williams], we lost Joan [Rivers], and we kind of lost Cosby.”

Judd Apatow

Judd explained why he has been vocal about his opinion: “The Cosby thing I took seriously because I know one of the victims, who is not going to come forward. I had a personal connection to it, where somebody that I care about said that’s exactly how it went down. If women don’t speak up, more women will be raped. So it’s really all about preventing other people from getting hurt, because Cosby’s on tour – ignoring all of the victims is a signal to other victims that when you speak up, people will not take care of you and do something about it.”

Raven Symoné

Raven was shocked by the news: “He gave me my first job. But at the same time, you need the proof, and then I’ll be able to give my judgment here or there. And now there are real facts. More people can come up.”

Stacey Dash

Stacey thought it just couldn’t be true: “When I heard that Bill Cosby had been accused of drugging women to rape them, I immediately thought “this can’t be true.” Like many of you, Bill Cosby represented something amazing — something I never had: a strong father in a loving family.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi at first defended Cosby but later backtracked, commenting: “I always thought they (alleged victims) would have the opportunity to take them (accused rapist) to court, but… that’s not so… People don’t know that there is no way for him to go to jail… You have a serial rapist… who’s been on the streets for 30 years. I have to say that I thought, ‘Here’s all the information, take his a** to jail…’ I find out… that that’s not possible, so I can’t say anymore, ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. I can’t say that anymore because there’s no way to prove it.”

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