5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Painful Looking Shoe Malfunctions!

Posted by PZ on June 25th, 2013

Shoes can make or break a good outfit, but appearances can be deceiving: even a pair of comfortable looking heels can lead to blisters or bruises. Some of these stars have picked sky-high stilettos and have taken a spill as a result, while others simply didn’t fit their shoes properly and it ended up looking extremely painful. Kim Kardashian suffered from swollen feet during her pregnancy and although she tried to ignore the swelling by stuffing her feel in to a gorgeous pair of Givenchy heels, the resulting images will now haunt us forever! Lady Gaga may have outdone herself by walking around in stilt-like platforms but she ended up falling over dramatically as a result. Julianne Moore’s recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was ruined by her strange silver shoes which seemed to force her small toes out of the side – it ended up looking extremely disturbing!

Kim Kardashian


Jessica Simpson
jessica simpson

Julianne Moore
The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Opening Ceremony And "The Great Gatsby" Premiere

Kate Middleton
kate middleton

Lady Gaga
lady gaga

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