5 Celebrities Who Support Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Posted by tuan on July 14th, 2017

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While in recent years, new laws have been passed in many countries to stop animal testing, the cosmetics industry still has a dark side and there are many makeup products still tested in a cruel way. These 5 celebrities have all shown their support for cruelty-free beauty products. Some refuse to use anything animal-related when it comes to makeup, while others have supported campaigns to stop animal testing in its entirety. Here is what they’ve said on the important subject that is still a very relevant cause and must be addressed by the beauty industry.


  1. Colbie Caillat

5 Celebrities Who Support Cruelty-Free Beauty Products_1

Colbie took part in a special campaign to stop animal testing: “Everyone wants to look their best. And it’s great to know we can look and feel beautiful without causing pain to animals. The HSUS/HSI’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign is urging companies to stop testing their products on animals. There are so many great products, from skin care products, to shampoo, to makeup, that are cruelty free–there’s just no reason to buy anything else.”

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