5 Celebrities Who Have Children With Special Needs

Posted by PZ on August 3rd, 2017

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Celebrities may seem like they have perfect lives but that doesn’t always turn out to be the case – these 5 celebrities all have children with special needs. Coming to terms with having a disabled child must be difficult but these celebrities have gushed at how proud they are of their kids and some say they wouldn’t change their situation if they had the chance to do so. Although they’ve been through a lot as they take care of their child, these stars are still grateful for what they have and amazed by any progress their children make as they grow older.

Benjamin Bratt


Law & Order actor Benjamin has a daughter named Sophia with a brain injury: “What my wife and I faced as parents was like being in a tunnel of darkness for the first few years of her life, because we didn’t know what to do. But we educated ourselves, and assembled the best team of therapists we could. Sophia has blown us away with the amount of progress she’s made. She understands everything and she’s quick to laugh, she’s loving and a physically beautiful child.”

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