5 Celebrities Who Had an Impoverished Upbringing

Posted by PZ on August 7th, 2017


Rita Ora

Rita grew up as a refugee in London: “That word (refugee) carries a lot of prejudice but it also made us determined to survive. When you put anyone into an alien environment, where other people aren’t completely comfortable with them being there, they are automatically going to be defensive. It’s the rule of the jungle, right? (There was) one room for all four of us, my sister Elena annoying me by doing her times tables when I was trying to sleep. Out of the window I could see Brompton Cemetery. Scary.”

Viola Davis

Viola would look for food in trash cans: “I was one of those kids who grew up hungry. I’m 48 years old now, and it’s only been recently that I can admit that I would jump in trash bins looking for food and I would steal from the corner store because I was hungry… We had nothing. My house was a condemned building. It was boarded up and infested with rats.”

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