5 Celebrities That Enjoy Casino Games

Posted by tuan on August 10th, 2017

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It is no longer the news that a lot of celebrities both in the music and sports world has been caught hands down in the past doing their thing at the casinos. While some of them would like this to be known as private part of their life that must not be disturbed or probed into, others proudly declare their love for games. There are many celebrities that enjoy casino games even more than regular players. While some have made huge winnings here, some others have also gone ahead to record huge losses. A list of celebrities that enjoy casinos games is given below.

Tiger Woods

He seems to be the biggest name in the list. His popularity in the casino gaming world came after he was pictured enjoying the spinning in the high roller private suites alongside other stars like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. However, the amazing thing is that they staked up to $25,000 a hand in that game. It has been estimated that 7 years after Tiger Woods became a professional golfer; he spent up to 50,000,000$ playing casino games. That is why many of the owners of casinos love to have him around.

Michael Phelps
This is another star that is regularly doing his thing at the casino tables in Vegas and other places. He became very popular at around 25 with his exploits in the Olympic Games, to the extent that he is branded ‘The Fish Man’ by many. He has been doing poker things as a player and a cheerleader for many years. That explains why his best friends are poker professionals like Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari.

Ben Affleck
Now, how do you explain it when a very renowned movie actor comes out to declare how good he is? He said that he has learnt the blackjack game to the extent that even while he is playing his hand, he can easily count cards. This is to say that he has even gotten to the level of mastering the illegal cheats. Ben has been doing this so well that it got him banned from the Hard Rock Café in Vegas. But this is after he had previously pocketed $140,000 win in a single session in that casino. He is sure a good player, and the offer to help people get free spins on slots may not be for him because he stakes hugely.

John Cena
The highly loved WWW champion is another celebrity in love of casino games. He is actually an amateur player as he likes to put it. But he does not fail to acknowledge the fact that he would like to participate in the tournaments. How does that work for a supposed amateur? Well, he said he will like to attend the tournaments a couple of times, witness the players, and enjoy the aura before he could participate in one. Well, he should learn how to gain the best bonus online to qualify for one.


The quintessential rapper has made a good name for him in the music world. However, reports coming from reliable sources have disclosed that the Austin, Texas born “Hot in Here” singer has a habit of spending his entire money in casino games.

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