5 Celebrities Share The Simple Daily Makeup They Wear

Posted by tuan on June 21st, 2017

While they may often get to have their makeup done professionally, it isn’t always the case and these stars do have to do their own when they’re off-duty. Explaining the simple products they like to use on a daily basis, these 5 stars have shared the very basic and natural-looking products they go for when they’re in a rush and just want to highlight their face with a touch of blush, a slick on mascara or a great tinted lipgloss.

1. Emma Roberts


Emma wears a good mascara and adds a colour to her lips: “I use Healthy Lengths Mascara. It’s amazing! You can wear it all day without having to worry about it flaking. And I use the Moisture Smooth Color Sticks. Those are great because they’re really moisturizing but also give you a little bit of color, and it looks totally natural. That’s kind of my thing.”

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