5 Celebrities Open Up on Their Charity Trips

Posted by PZ on August 20th, 2017

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Visiting developing, poor countries that are a world away from their usual cushy lifestyles, these 5 celebrities have all gone on eye-opening trips to places that are very removed from the luxury they are accustomed to. Seeing first hand the struggles children and adults alike go through just to have the basics to survive, these stars were humbled, shocked and even disturbed by what they saw.

Joss Stone


Joss saw the progression made by charities in Lesotho: “It has been amazing to come here on this trip and see the work first hand. Prince Harry is such a good, genuine person so when he or Prince William ask me to do anything, I know it’s coming from a good place and I pay attention. Coming here, you realise it’s not going to fix the whole of Lesotho, but it’ll fix a lot for a lot of people.”

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