5 Celebrities Who Won’t go Nude on Screen

Posted by PZ on February 15th, 2012

These 5 celebrities don’t do nudity – they have vowed that they won’t strip off on screen because they believe their bodies shouldn’t be seen by the whole world, or simply don’t want to feel as though they are furthering their career by getting naked. Some even say they would turn down a good role if it included a nude scene because they are completely against it, while others believe it just isn’t needed in a film.


Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore doesn’t feel comfortable with seeing her body on screen: “Right now, that’s something that is off limits. I’d never say never because some things are absolutely necessary. I feel oftentimes I’ve been attached to a film and then, at the last second, someone has said, like, ‘OK, well this is an absolute necessity – this scene requires nudity and there’s no two ways around it.’ I’m like, ‘I really believe there’s so much of that which could be implied and it’s just gratuitous.’ I’m not comfortable within my own skin. That side of myself is reserved for my personal life and I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking down the street knowing, like… it’s perfectly logical to believe that any random person walking down the street has the ability to see me with my clothes off.”

Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Ann believes her body should be kept to herself and is for her husband only:  “I’m just not like that at all. My first thought would be, ‘What would my mother think?’ “Besides, lots of actresses like Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer don’t do nudity, so I don’t think it’s so important. And I don’t think I’ll be posing naked for photos either. I’ve been offered Playboy and when my agent tells me, I laugh hysterically. For me there’s also the feeling that since I’m married, there’s a kind sacredness to the body.”

Ashley Greene

While Ashley Greene doesn’t rule it out entirely, it’s not something she’s interested in at the moment: “I will never say never. I will say, at this moment, nudity in a film is something that does turn me off because of the context that it’s put into most of the films. It exploits women, and it’s not artistic at all.”

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick doesn’t believe she needs to get naked for her roles, but isn’t against nude scenes: “Emphatically, no. I will not do that. I have been lucky because I have not been pigeonholed into the teenage movie category. I am not criticising people who do nude scenes but I plan to keep doing what I am doing and hope it keeps going good.”

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda was shocked by how much nudity was involved in her latest film, but wouldn’t do it herself for personal reasons: “What surprised me about it is the amount of pubic hair! I’m pretty sure I would never do a full frontal in a movie – for personal reasons, I wouldn’t really want to show that.”

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