5 Celebrities Who Keep Their Friends Close

Posted by PZ on December 10th, 2012

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These 5 celebrities believe in keeping their friends close by. Some use their buddies as an important support system – someone to turn to when the tabloids are reporting on your love life, when you’ve made a terrible career mistake or you just need to have a good rant. Others believe that sticking by their friends in the best way to keep themselves grounded and normal in the industry, and that their friends are the only ones who can be openly honest with them, so it’s easy to turn to them for advice when they need it. For some, it’s just a break from fame and gives them something normal to look forward to in their crazy lives.


Emily Blunt

Emily has some close girlfriends back at home: ”I still go back to London whenever I can to see my family. Also, quite a few of my movies have been filmed there, but I love living in LA. What’s not to love? The weather’s great, we have a nice house and life is good. But I miss afternoons in the pub, the sense of humour and the irreverence. There’s a spirit to Londoners and Brits that I love, so I have a few British friends in LA that I cling to.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor has a tight knit group of friends who she can rely on for support:”My friends mean so much to me because they give me the opportunity to vent and complain about whatever I’m going through.They are also the people I want to celebrate with when things are going well. My best friends are Ashley, who is a stylist, Clare, who works for a jewellery designer, and Emma, Selena and Dianna, who are actresses. We are just so close and I need to talk to them before and after everything that happens to me.”


Rihanna can trust her friends and they’ll always be honest to her: ”My experiences in life and having a good group of friends. They’re brutally honest and I need that. I turn to my friends all the time – I trust them so much. I don’t care what the media think but I respect their opinions and their advice is never shady.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley is close friends with Kelly Osbourne who always tells her the truth when she needs to hear it: ”I like it when people are honest. Like, if I look bad, I want you to tell me if I look bad. I’ve always been that person. I really like honest people and I think that’s why me and Kelly get along so well, and I think a lot of people are put out by it. They can’t believe she really has no filter, but I don’t really either.”

Eva Longoria

Eva has a close friendship with Victoria Beckham and she believes everyone needs a circle of friends:”I think every woman should have a close circle of friends to talk to. People keep saying they’re envious of my Friendship with Victoria Beckham but we’re pretty boring. We just talk about normal girl stuff and I borrow her clothes.”

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