5 Celebrities With Food Allergies

Posted by Rebecca on August 25th, 2011

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Peanuts kill- EVERY doctor knows that. But, many celebrities have even worse allergies than peanuts. Though peanuts and seafood make up some of the harshest allergic ailments amongst most people, these celebs seem adverse to a multitude of foods we love…

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Clay Aiken 

This American Idol runner up seems to be allergic to a whole glut of things, including mint, shellfish, tree nuts, mushrooms and chocolate. I guess I won’t send him that dynamite minty clam almond mushroom chocolate float I’ve been working on. Drat.

Drew Barrymore 

She’s allergic to garlic and coffee, which makes her breath far better than a NORMAL HUMANS. Right? Because she’s like, amazing? But then I think- who is REALLY amazing without their daily dose of caffeine and ciabatta bread? Boom.

 Halle Berry 

Allergic to shrimp. See, people? She isn’t perfect. And shrimp are delicious.

Billy Bob Thornton 

Thornton is allergic to wheat, shellfish and dairy, which pretty much rules out everything I’ve ever loved, aside from that dude in high school I used to get high with under the bleachers. Sigh….

Serena Williams 


And it all comes back to peanuts, doesn’t it? So many people are allergic to peanuts! I mean, on and off the courts, this world champion can never enjoy peanut butter. And that, my friends, is a TRUE CRIME.

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