5 Celebrities Who Find it Hard to Raise Their Kids in the Spotlight

Posted by PZ on October 23rd, 2012

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Being constantly followed by the paparazzi is one thing, but when your young kids start getting targeted by the photographers,  that’s when mama gets angry! These 5 stars have all voiced their worries and thoughts on raising kids in the spotlight. Some are simply annoyed that they can’t enjoy normal things such as going to Disneyland or taking their young ones to the park without being stalked by an eager photographer, while others believe that the paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to exploit their children and make them feel frightened. Some stars are even worried that their children’s entire life won’t be normal growing up because of the media attention surrounding them.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina finds it annoying they can’t go places that normal families can: “I think that the only time that it is hard is when the kids want to go somewhere and want to see something. I’ve had so many people offer to take my children to Disneyland or places that I can’t take them. And they don’t understand how upsetting that is.People have offered to take my kids trick or treating or take my kids to whatever things that they assume my kids can’t do. So we plan to find ways to do all of those things. There are worse problems and so we’re okay.”

Michelle Williams

Michelle would never move to Los Angeles because of being followed by the paparazzi every day there: “I wouldn’t raise (Matilda) there. For all the obvious reasons – being the daughter of(Heath). Being an actor’s daughter. It’s a town that’s about one thing and I want her to have options.”

Hilary Duff

Hilary is frightened that her son’s entire life might be impacted: “I am even scared of (Luca) growing up getting his picture taken all the time and feeling different. I saw a rag magazine the other day – I was having my hair done or something – and the headline said, ‘Who Wore It Better?’ and the photo showed (Tom Cruise’s daughter) Suri Cruise and so-and-so’s kid. They had the same dress on, and (magazine editors) put these kids up against each other. I’m just thinking that this is sickening. Now that I’m a mom and I have a child, I can’t imagine. It’s not right.”

Halle Berry

Halle doesn’t like the paparazzi constantly picking on her young daughter Nahla and thinks it’s just wrong for her daughter to be followed: “Our children should be off limits. They are innocent little babies that should not be exploited all over these magazines. I’m fair game, I get that, but my kids [and] kids at my children’s school should not be harassed like that, it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.”

Christina Applegate

Christina took to twitter to voice her hatred of the paparazzi spying on her kids: “I want my daughter to live a normal life I want her to feel free to be who she wants, so paparazzi stop taking pics of her! Enough! It’s times like these where I understand why Michael Jackson had his kids covered they were able to be anonymous. Until they decided to be public. We need a law against this! Taking pics of kids is sick! Sorry everyone. I’m pissed. Just imagine for one second you having fun with ur kid in the park and a bunch of a holes start surrounding you and freaking ur kid out.”

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