5 Celebrities Who Don’t Care What Critics Say

Posted by PZ on March 1st, 2013

It must be tough to pour all of your creative energy into something only for the critics to later pick a bone with it, but these 5 stars all say they don’t care what the critics have to say about their work because they don’t have the last word. Preferring instead to base how good their work is based on fans reactions, box office success, what their friends have to say or how they feel the work went themselves, these 5 stars don’t mind if their work is given a negative review, and are happier to ignore it. It took some of them many years to finally learn that they sometimes need to skim over the reviews and not pay any heed to what others have to say about what they’ve done.


Ashton Kutcher


Ashton doesn’t need a critic to point out which of his films are good or bad because he already knows: “I know exactly what films I’ve done that f**king suck donkey. And I know the ones that are good, that people like. And I know it not because of the box office, because the box office is not going to tell you the truth. I know it because I have friends that don’t hold back. They don’t depend on me for money or employment. They’re just friends. Friends tell the truth. My big thing is, Fail fast. If you’re going to f*ck up, get it over with.”

Chris Rock

Chris thinks that although the critics always pick what they think is the best film, the audience is what counts: “This is fun and good. Dude, people love ‘Grown Ups.’ I don’t care what the critics say. Who won the Academy Award this year? ‘The Artist?’ Hey, ‘The Artist’ was great. ‘Grown Ups’ is better than ‘The Artist,’ and it’s better than ‘The Artist’ ’cause the audience says so. No film critic’s going to say it, but ‘Madagascar 3’ is better than ‘The Artist,’ and it’s better because it makes people feel better.”

James Franco

James doesn’t care about the results of the film or how it is received by critics because he believes that part is out of his hands and he doesn’t have any control over it: “All you have is what you work on and how hard you work on it. As far as the results or the reception, it’s out of your hands. That’s something I really had to come to understand.”

Jessica Biel

Jessica says that you can’t listen to everything every critic says because it can be “toxic” when they don’t know the full story:”If you let in, what people say about you and how people think about you, it’s just toxic. It’s just horrible to try to please a bunch of people that you’ve never met before, who want to just make assumptions about your life and your career.”

Lena Dunham

‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham says she may make changes to the show, but it isn’t to satisfy critics because she doesn’t care what they think: “I don’t care about satisfying the critics, but I care about satisfying my viewers. And I know I have viewers who are women of color who want to see themselves reflected on screen. So, that’s what matters to me. It doesn’t matter to me to satiate people who are looking to kind of put destructive energy onto the world — not to sound like a hippie.”

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