5 Celebrities Who Have Had Breast Reductions

Posted by Rebecca on August 19th, 2011

Hey, we all like tits, right? Well, most of us. Some of us (I’m looking at you, rich celebs) love to reduce their breast size for whatever reason- health, or, uh. Aesthetic? Okay, I’m out of reasons. Anyhoo, here are five celebs that have done the dirty deed.


1. Drew Barrymore

She had her boobies reduced in early 2007, between Oscar appearances, and also back when she was a wild child at 16. Experts say she may also have gotten a breast lift (for the current reduction). Well, drew? That sounds reasonable…but what chest do you have left after all that?


2. Janeane Garofalo

She got a breast reduction at age 20, because she thought that as a 5’1 stand up, she wanted the audience to concentrate on her bits, not her tits. Smart move, considering she made it pretty big, and still does stand up, appearances and a radio show.

3. Star Jones

I know, you hear the name Star Jones, and you think weird weight fluctuations. Still she’s also had a breast reduction. So…that’s also part of that weirdness. When she lost a lot of weight, she confirmed her breast reduction to deflect speculation on her gastric bypass surgery. Wow, her poor body. Right?


4. Queen Latifah

For the record, still has a huge rack. But she got reductions for health reasons, back in 2003.


5. Jennifer Connelly

Okay, this is still totally a rumor but come ON! She went from being a cute actress to a super chiseled slender one, with a NOSEJOB. Though er publicist blamed her breast reduction on weight loss, we all know the truth. THE TRUTH. Do you hear us, Ms. Connelly???

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