Whitney Houston’s Daughter Seen Kissing a Girl!

Posted by PZ on December 3rd, 2010

Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is just 17-years-old, has been photographed at an unsupervised party where she was seen making out with an older woman. She also reportedly drank the very high alcohol energy drink ‘Four Loko’ and was pictured smoking cigarettes throughout her wild night out. Reports say that Bobbi Kristina has “been out of control for a quite some time now”.

Back in June, Bobbi Kristina was also spotted smoking cigarettes and looking worryingly under-weight, while Whitney’s recent concert performances have also been disconcerting – she was booed off stage on more than one occasion during her recent tour, while in other instances she visibly struggled to hit her usual high-notes and hold it all together.

Two different photos have been leaked of young Bobbi making out with girls – one photo shows her locking lips with a blonde girl, while a second photo shows her getting tongue tied with a girl with short hair. (check out the photos here) She might be young and going through an experimental phase, but if this is the kind of behavior she is willing to show off on camera, who knows what she gets up to in private.

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