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What Carlos Correa must do if the Mets-Giants trade falls through?

The Mets are concerned about Carlos Correa’s surgically repaired leg. It was also the primary reason Correa’s contract with the San Francisco Giants fell through.

What should Correa’s next move be if his Mets contract also falls through?

Carlos Correa - the Mets

Correa could try to sign another long-term contract elsewhere, but it could fall through again. However, if the Mets decide to release him, the chances of another team offering him a long-term contract are slim.

Carlos Correa has been one of baseball’s best shortstops in recent years. His defense is unquestionably respectable, as he won the Gold Glove award at shortstop in 2021.

Correa has a great eye at the plate. His career.357 OPS is not an error. Correa has had an exact.366 OPB for the past two years. And the truth is that his leg has no bearing on his ability to lay off tough pitches.

Despite his impressive career output, teams remain skeptical. So, if the Mets’ deal falls through, what should Carlos Correa do next?

High AAV contract with the Mets or another team

The Scott Boras effect is a significant advantage for Carlos Correa. Boras is as good as it gets when it comes to getting his clients paid. Boras and Correa are obviously in difficult situations, but the legendary agent is up for the challenge.

If the Mets try to renegotiate Correa’s contract, he may threaten to walk. However, Carlos Correa and Scott Boras could also try to set a new AAV record. The Mets, like the Giants, were probably unconcerned about Correa’s short-term health. Correa might be willing to accept a 5-7-year contract with a record-breaking AAV. Long-term security is preferred, but given the leg issue, this may not be possible.

It should be noted that the Mets are only “concerned” about Correa. That doesn’t mean the deal is doomed to fail. There’s a chance that everything will work out and Carlos Correa will stay in New York for the next decade or more.

Having said that, there is a legitimate chance that Carlos Correa will become a free agent again. If no long-term deals are found in that scenario, he and Boras should try to earn an impressive AAV as previously discussed.