Watch Your Trout Face, Aniston.

Posted by Rebecca on December 30th, 2010

Because Rupert Everett is coming for yas.  And WE LIKE IT!

Rupert Everett talked to BBC Radio 4 about how some stars just…stay stars, despite being pretty terrible actors in terrible films. US magazine reports:

“OK, something will go wrong, like Jennifer Aniston will have one too many total flops, but she’s still a member of that club,” Everett continued. “And she will still manage to…like a star forming in the universe, things will swirl around her and it will suddenly solidify into another vital tasteless rom-com, a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

Everett, I want to marry you.  I don’t care that you’re gay. I’ll be your bottom.

He goes on to bash and throw some love on Colin Firth, saying,

“Colin Firth I don’t think was at all good in Mamma Mia! I would have thought it was almost a careericide,” Everett sniped. “On the other hand, I think his performance in A Single Man was the best performance of his life.”

Eat your heart out, Aniston. I love a good Anistonbasher!

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