Vince Vaughn Admits That His Shyness Drove Him to do Crazy Things


Vince Vaughn has revealed that his own shyness drove him to do a series of strange things as he grew up. He admits that he tried to compensate for being such a shy boy by getting in to trouble and pulling off daring stunts, such as driving aged just 14. The actor says he made some “crazy decisions” which put pressure on himself and weren’t healthy:

”I wish I had not been so shy and scared as a kid. I did not want that feeling inside me — so I made some crazy decisions. It made me drive a car when I was under-age, at 14, and I tried to do too many things which brought pressure on myself.”

He adds that his teachers urged him to get help but he had a way of always finding trouble and he often skipped school and wasn’t interested in working:

”I would cut school and challenge the teachers as I over-compensated for my shyness.¬†I was also a big boy and I would get into fights as I would be picked on. I was not the toughest kid, but if there was trouble I would be expected to sort it out because of my height.¬†Teachers wanted me to see the school psychiatrist at one point because I didn’t have the same type of academic pursuits as the other kids. I never went.”

The actor adds that he feels much better when he is playing a role because he can be someone else:

”I do not like the focus to be on me. I am much more comfortable playing a character rather than getting such personal attention. I am bashful and shy in that way.”