Vanessa Hudgens Wants Attention!

Posted by Rebecca on March 15th, 2011

and we’ll give it to her.  For sexy photos. Some of which I don’t feel comfortable posting.


According to Drunken Stepfather, nude and makeout photos have surfaced of Jessica Hudgens, and I’m talking make out CITY and nude as in VAG.  Yeah.  It’s a far fall from Disney Fame, but it seems like after her crappy movie bombed, she’s willing to take the challenge.

“She’s making out with no name Nickelodeon girl Alexa Nikolas, who I can assume released the pics…to get herself out there…cuz girls making out with each other is always for male attention”

Well, in this case, you’re right.  And that’s like, the most G rated phrase I found to quote from Drunken Stepfather.  For more photos of (perhaps?) Hudgens, check out that site.  Or, I dunno. Google her, I guess?

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