‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Turning Point = Sexy Times

Posted by ariel on November 20th, 2009


No, this isn’t as screenshot from Vampire Diaries doing a Gossip Girl threesome… incest-style, just a promo! But now that I’ve got your attention….

Yeah like any of us believe Stefan would really leave… he totally wouldn’t do that. Right? RIGHT? Right. Phew… In the last episode Stefan made the very empty-sounding threat that he and Damon would take off to find a new town in which to make a mysteriously grand entrance and a new vamp-obsessed teen (as they are in heavy supply) to seduce without the use of their shirts. But as of last night their residence was still listed as Mystic Falls. The brothers Salvatore hear about a new vampire attack that for once was not the work of Damon. Curious, Damon plays Good Cop and helps Sheriff Forbes track down the newbie in town. As fun as sassy Damon is, the faux-sweet hero act he puts on for the Sheriff is extremely nifty. Too bad he can’t be nifty AND shirtless at the same time. Unless the Sheriff wants some and let’s face it, unless she turns out to be the lesbian that her haircut suggests, SHE WANTS SOME.  Who else wants some? Find out after the jump…

It’s the very undead Logan, who’s been turned into a vampire! Only what he wants from Damon is answers, not his man parts like the rest of us. He attacks Damon (bad idea!) and demands to know how to be a day-walker since he can’t get into his house, “I’m at the Ramada in watching pay-per-view all day and eating everything in sight, including the housekeeping.”

Still under the misguided impression that he is actually going to leave, Stefan shows up at Elena’s high school to warn her about the new vampire and his impending “departure”. Still clearly in Not-Leaving mode, the twosome attend the school’s Career Night together and Elena gets upset thinking about her future (which I totally relate to) because Stefan clearly will won’t be in it. At the same event Jeremy and Tyler (Vicky’s lame-o ex) seem to have something in common: a skill for drawing creepy beasties. But before they can bond, Tyler’s dad goes all Fight Club/Michael Vick on the two and tries to get them to fight. The awesomely named Alaric (Hottest Teacher Ever contestant and guest star, Matt Davis, of Blue Crush fame) shows up just in time to help clear the air. At this point we highly suspect (hope) Alaric is a vampire and is doing some heavy flirting with Elena’s extremely young and very annoying aunt, what’s-her-face.


Elena’s aunt’s ex, Logan, stupidly appears at the Career Night as well, even though Sheriff Forbes, who saw him die, is present and very anti-vampire. After making some angry-vampire faces at the two other angry vampires Logan takes off with a very angry Damon in his wake. Logan takes Caroline hostage for some stupid reason which he regrets as soon as Damon and Stefan beat the shit out of him. Just when we thought the fun would stop, Alaric and Logan face off and Alaric whips out his stake (giggle) and turns Logan from undead to actually-not-coming-back-Vicky-dead. Why? Guess we’ll have to wait TWO WEEKS to find out. Thanks Thanksgiving, thanks a lot.

After career night Elena admits to Stefan that she’s always wanted to be a writer, but stopped writing after her mother died. I love it when CW girls are given a direction and purpose to life besides living for the vampire of their desire (ahem, Twilight) and Elena is so much more likable doing the whole I’m-artsy-and-my-parents-are-dead-so-I’m-mopey thing than Joey Potter ever did, so brava! She also demands Stefan let her decide what is safe for her and what is not. A girl…making decisions? How adorable! And Stefan would have none of it until Elena says the three little words. And boy, do they do the charm.

And so Elena risks her life for sexy times with Stefan. This, as sweet as it was, couldn’t help looking completely inappropriate due to the fact that Elena has the face of a 13-year-old and the voice of a 40-year-old and so I couldn’t decide if it looked like Stefan was robbing the cradle or the grave. Anyhoo, seeing as Stefan’s not the one night stand kind of guy I’m thinking he’s here to stay a bit longer… told you!!!!!!

But just when all seems right in the world Elena finds the picture of Katherine whom she freakishly resembles to a clone-like degree and flees, racing down the road, almost running over a hooded man, flipping her car around and watching, caught upside down in the totaled car, the hooded man reassemble his splayed limb and saunter scarily towards her car. Okay… time for a hot vampire man to show up just in time like they always do! Tune in next time to see if it’s:

a. Stefan to the rescue

b. Damon to save the day

c. Alaric the hero, or

d. All of the sexy above!



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