Unconvincing Photo of the Day: John Travolta Tries to Prove He Isn’t Gay

Posted by PZ on June 27th, 2012

Does John Travolta really think he can pull the wool over our eyes that easily? In the hopes of convincing us all he’s totally, completely straight, John made out publicly with his wife Kelly Preston at the premiere of ‘Savages’, just to try and make a point. The couple really packed on the PDA throughout the event, which in actual fact makes it seem extra weird and suspicious – if you aren’t guilty of all those gay masseur claims, why act like you’ve got to prove to everyone your loved up with your wife and thus don’t enjoy playing grab-ass with randomers?

Even through all the lawsuits, which are all impossible to keep up with (who the hell knows how each of those are advancing, but there is numerous claims now) Kelly has stuck by her supposedly homosexual husband, claiming they’re just a regular happy family, even if it seems they’re about to burst at the seams as a couple. If these claims do turn out to be true, John’s career is up in the air. If he’s covering up his sexuality (and possible perverse tendency to sexually assault masseurs) his marriage will probably publicly fall apart, and he’ll have made homosexuality into something that should be concealed and repressed, which he won’t live down too quickly. On the other hand, he might just be going about proving his straightness (and thus innocence?) the completely wrong way.

If your gay, don’t pretend to be straight, and if your straight, don’t pretend to be extra straight. It’s too confusing!

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